Imperium Solo

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VID / PID:2563 / 575
Reported by:Duke
Type:Game controller
Firmware version:1.1.3
Notice, you have to hold START when inserting the USB cable to enter WIRED USB mode.
Button Amstrad C64 Amiga Atari ST Sega MD CD32
DPAD ↑↓←→ ↑↓←→ ↑↓←→ ↑↓←→ ↑↓←→ ↑↓←→
L.STICK ↑↓←→ ↑↓←→ ↑↓←→ ↑↓←→ ↑↓←→ ↑↓←→
Y Fire 3 Fire 1 Fire 3 Fire 3 Y Yellow
X Fire 1+2 Fire 1+2 Fire 1+2 Fire 1+2 A Green
A Fire 2 Fire 1 Fire 1 Fire 1 B Red
B Fire 1 Fire 2 Fire 2 Fire 2 C Blue
L1 Auto 2 Auto 1 Auto 1 Auto 1 X Auto 1
L2 Auto 2+3 Auto 1+2 Auto 1+3 Auto 1+3 Left Front
R1 Auto 1 Auto 2 Auto 2 Auto 2 Z Auto 2
R2 Auto 1+3 Auto 1+2 Auto 1+2 Auto 1+2 Right Front
START ↑↓ ↑↓ ↑↓ ↑↓ START ↑↓
SELECT ←→ ←→ ←→ ←→ Switch 3B/6B Pause/Play

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