Imperium Solo – Amstrad

Imperium Solo is a USB to joystick adapter, intended for using USB gamepads, like DualShock 3/4, XBOX One controller on retro computers.
It’s also possible to use USB mouse.
For now the project only supports the Amstrad CPC range of computers, but I plan to make firmware updates for use with other retro computers.

The firmware is updatable by pluggin in an USB stick/drive (FAT32) with the correct file when the adapter is powered on.

Special supported controllers are only DualShock 3, DualShock 4, XBox One controller and SNES USB controller.
Other USB HID controllers should work by using my generic HID parser, but controller mapping may not be ideal for those.
So I hope to add more controllers with the help of feedback from users.

USB Mouse is also using my generic HID parser, which atleast works with the 5 different USB mice I had laying around.
At a point I made a custom mouse mode, with 5 bit resolution for delta values making it possible to get much better mouse feeling(proportional mode).
This may be implemented to a later firmware update, if there is demand (it will need adapted software to be usable).

Made as compact as possible!

Below you can see a video of :

  • Installation/Connecting (notice most other retro computeres have power on the joystick port, so will not need DC splitter cable like the Amstrad is using)
  • Playing a game with USB controller
  • Playing a game with USB mouse
  • Playing a game with TWO usb controllers

Will update later with documentation (controller mapping, firmware upgrade etc).

Lastly expect another update, when I add firmware for the next retro computer.

30 thoughts on “Imperium Solo – Amstrad”

  1. Hi,
    I would like to acquire an adapter for usb controllers for amstrad cpc…
    It’s possible?
    I’m from Barcelona (Spain)
    I await an answer,
    thanks and best regards!

    1. I have sent you an email.
      Right now hotmail has a problem with my mail server, so please look in your “Junk” folder. My reply should be there.
      Otherwise write another post here and I will contact you via another email address.


  2. Definitely have to go on my shopping list as I’ve only a couple of sticks and they’re all a bit rubbish!

    Can you fire off an e-mail for me so I can get one?


  3. Greetings Duke. I want to buy Imperium Solo. My email is xxxxxxx. Please tell me how I have to do to buy one of them.

      1. Greetings Duke. I want to buy Imperium Solo. I’m Hector Gonzalez Prieto. I have not received your mail. I’m waiting to buy

  4. Hi Duke! I want to buy one usb adaptor. Please let me know when it Will be ready and cost/shipping. Regards.

  5. Hi Duke.

    I would like to buy one. Send me a mail please for further information about costs and shipping.

      1. Hi.

        Did’nt receive your mail. Even not in spam folder. Please try an other mail address.

        Thank you

  6. Hi there,

    I’m interested in finding out the price of this, and hopefully buying one very soon.

    Does this support two or more buttons?

    It would be amazing to be able to map keyboard keys to additional buttons, but that’s wishful thinking, for playing Renegade.

    Mapping up and down to buttons would also make driving and platform games easier to play.


    1. Sent you an email with price.

      It supports 3 fire buttons for regular Amstrad CPC and 2 fire buttons for Amstrad CPC plus.
      There is also auto fire for fire 1 and fire 2.
      Additionally there is mapping for UP+DOWN and LEFT+RIGHT each in one button, meaning as this is normally not a possible combination (to go up and down or left and right, at same time) it could be used as extra buttons in new games or patching of old games.

  7. I’m intyerested in one for the C64 (will it also support ZX Spectrum Kempston interface? in theory they’re the same, right?), I’m from Spain.

    1. For C64, as it is now you will need to have an external 5V power supply. I do not sell these, but it should be easily obtainable.
      As for Kempston interface, it should work with some atleast. It depends if the common pin 8 (is ground or VCC). It needs to be ground for the Imperium Solo to work.
      I dont have any kempston interface, so the above was just from a quick google search.

  8. Hi,
    thank you so much for making this idea a reality. I would like to order one for my cpc, using paypal, destination France.

  9. Hi Duke,

    Thanks again for your amazing work! I would like to order one. Can you please send me the info?


    Claudio (from Spain)

    1. Hi Duke,

      Loving my M4 board still, and would love to complement it with one of these. Please can you send me the details?


  10. Hi Duke,

    I’d be interested to know how much you want for one Imperium Solo with shipping to Canada?

    Best regards,

  11. Hi Duke,
    I would like to order the following:
    -Imperium Solo – Amstrad
    -M4 Board

    Destination Austria.

  12. Hi, I would like this Imperium Solo – Amstrad and the new M4 board with all the extras please. I have the original, but hoping for more memory.


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