Imperium Solo – C64

Small update on the Imperium Solo project initially released for the Amstrad CPC.
Made some changes to the firmware and changed two 0 ohm SMD resistor settings to support Commodore 64 and probably many other retro computers with my modern USB controllers to joystick adapter.

For now I used an external 5V powersupply, as you can only draw a limited amount of current over the C64 joystick port* and power usage will depend on the controllers plugged into the adapter (the adapter itself uses very little).
Will see first if there is interest at all for this adapter (maybe something similar already exist?).
Anyway here is a video of the C64 prelimary version.

*It turns out the 100mA limit per Joystick port (200mA total), is a limit of what the stock powersupply can deliver safely while keeping the system stable. Otherwise the 5V on the joystick port is directly connected to the PSU input with a nice fat trace. So if using a better powersupply or the devices connected to the joystick port use less than 200 mA current, there is no need for external powersupply.

About mouse support.
It is just joystick mode (1350). I cannot support the analog mouse mode (1351) with current PCB layout atleast.

4 thoughts on “Imperium Solo – C64”

  1. Hello, I have a M4 board, very happy with it! I wanted to ask you if I can buy adapter for usb gamepads (imperium solo) for amstrad and c64 (2 devices), are you sending batches or individual? If not, are you selling in some store online?

    Thanks a lot!

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