Server issues!

During the last few days, my server provider had a server failure.
After some effort I was able to put the site back up, now running on my own servers.
I think the website is now fully functional again, but the mail server is still not 100% OK, so please have some patience, if you have emailed me.
I will put an update here once I am sure mail server is fully functional, and I will have to ask you to resend any mails within the last week. My apologies.
And no worries, I am still building the M4’s, just behind schedule as always…

/Duke, 17th of March 2024

Update, 18th of March 2024:
Incoming mail server seems to be fully OK now. Please re-send any emails send during the last week.
My outgoing mail server still needs some work not to be seen as a spammer, so please check you junk/spam folders, when expecting a reply from me. Thanks for your patience.

Mini servers!

One thought on “Server issues!”

  1. Hello
    I want to buy 2 cards m4 board
    For my cpc 464 and an another for m’y cpc 6128
    My best regards

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