M4 Board still alive and kicking

The M4 board for the Amstrad CPC computer series has now surpassed more than 600 shipped units. And I expect to pass 700 units this year, if things continue as now.

Though there hasn’t been any recent updates on this blog for the M4 board, I have released some firmware updates adding new features.

The biggest update came last year, when I added Hack Menu which is NMI triggering with ROM/RAM remapping.
Making it possible to have “Multiface 2” like features.

For existing users it can be launched via the web-interface or by manually soldering a switch onto the board.

As can be seen on the video above, it is now possible to save game progress and re-load it again, using the popular .SNA format, which is compatible with many emulators aswell.

However it is still in beta so it can crash under some circumstances.
I expect to do some major software improvement to this Hack menu.

How to add the Hack button to existing PCB’s.

Adding Hack menu button

Meanwhile I updated the PCB once again to have this new Hack button.

Hack menu button added to PCB (left – middle)

The PCB now being version 2.5C.

M7 Board

So what about M7 / Galaxy Board / Zen80 board ?
It’s not cancelled, but I haven’t really worked on it for a long while, I do have some overall changes in mind and hope to pick it up again.

Imperium Solo – USB joypads

I also made a USB to joystick adapter called Imperium Solo, which is also partial functionality of the Galaxy board. Its intended use is to be able to connect USB joypads and mouses to the joystick port. For now it supports CPC, but later it’s meant to be working with ZX Spectrum +2/+3, C64, Atari ST and Amiga. Or well lets wait and see 😉

Video showing the use of Dualshock 3/4 controllers on an Amstrad CPC!

I will update more on this soon, as I am awaiting the final PCB.



112 thoughts on “M4 Board still alive and kicking”

  1. All your projects look fantastic. Can you send me info on buying an M4 card for my 6128? Thanks, Lampros

  2. Hello Duke,
    I would like to acquire a M4 board for my CPC 464.
    I hope it is still possible,
    Thanks in advance for your e-mail
    I live in France

  3. Hi Duke,

    I thought my CPC 464 was dead, but managed to fix it today! The main power switch had failed open, so it simply wasn’t letting any power through to the chips. I shorted the power switch’s wires together and success! That was an easy fix…

    Time to celebrate by buying an M4 board. My 464 is a UK one, so I think I’ll need the adapter for my edge connector too. Please could you send me an email? Thank you so much!

  4. Hi there,

    I would love to buy one of those beauties from you. I want to use it on 464 and 6128. Think I need different cables to connect ? Do you provide those too ?

    Please send me an EMail for details abou purchasing this 🙂


  5. Hi Duke:
    Awesome projects!!! I would would like to buy the M4 and also an Imperium Solo USB joypad. Could you send me information to my email?

    Best regards

  6. Hi Duke, fantastic project!!! I’m also interested to buy the M4 board for my CPC464, could you please send me info by mail? Thank you


  7. Amazing project, thanks for keeping the CPC alive!
    I was wondering if you still have any M4 boards around, I’d be interested in purchasing one if so. Thanks!

  8. hello , i would like to buy a M4 board , and i can’t find it on the web .How to proceed please

    (sorry for my english )

  9. Hello Duke,

    I am very interested in buying the M4 board(classic connector, and mx4). Hope this is still possible. If so please drop me a mail (prices, shipping costs (DK))

  10. Hello
    I am interested in buying the M4 board (classic connector, and mx4) for CPC 6128. Please drop me a mail (prices, shipping costs (PL)).
    Thank you …

  11. Hi,

    I also would like to buy an M4 board, I have a classic 6128. Can you send me details ?

    Thanks in advance

  12. Hello Duke,
    I would like to buy Your M4 board (with mounted NMI triggering switch if possible) for my CPC 464 computer.
    Could You send me payment details (PayPal payment if possible)?
    I live in Poland.
    Thank You,

  13. Nice device!, It is compatible with MSX computers?? Because most d99 joysticks are usables for both sistema

    1. Thanks. I assume you mean the Imperium Solo USB adapter.
      I can see that the pinout is somewhat different, in that it provides 5V DC on PIN 5, similar to SEGA consoles, where ie. C64/Atari use pin 7. Amstrad does not provide any power and pin 5 is Fire 3.
      Latest PCB layout can use pin 5 as power source (when configured via 0 ohm resistor), so in theory it should work on MSX.
      Want to give it a try? I don’t mind doing a firmware for MSX.

  14. Hi Duke:
    Really greats projects !!!!
    I would like to buy the M4 and the Imperium Solo USB joypad.
    Could you send me information by email?

    Best regards

  15. This looks like a fantastic little project, could come in very handy!! Is it possible if I could purchase an M4 board to use for development applications on the CPC?

    1. Yes, I still make them.
      The lead time is usually about 5 weeks, as I have constant list of orders.

      Edge connector version is 43.5 euro (direct connect for regular CPC)
      IDC version is 40 euro (requires cable or adapter or backplane)

  16. Hi, I’m interested in the m4 board for a 6128 +, please tell me price ..
    Thanks and best regards

  17. I thank you for your card. I just made a mistake while ordering the board with edge connector.
    Is there an adapter to switch to irc to fit my mother x4 or I solder an irc adapter and in which position ?
    Then, while feeding it independently in usb, I can not recognize my internal floppy drive or my external gotek. Is this normal ?
    Sorry for mu bad english

    best regards,

    1. You can change between M4 /SD drive and regular floppy/gotek, by using |DISC and to go back to M4, use |SD.

      I have an adapter that can change EDGE to IDC, so you can use it in Mother X4 or other bus extender. Send me an email (it cost 4 euro + 4 euro shipping :/)

  18. Hi, Duke, I’ve ordered a CPC 464 from the UK (I’m in the US) and it sounds like the M4 is the upgrade to have. Can you please send me the details? Thanks!

    Randy Kindig

  19. Hi Duke,

    Very impressive. 😮
    Can you send me info about your M4 Board, please ? 🙂

    Thank you.

  20. Hi Duke

    Amazing projects!
    I would like to buy an M4 board, I have a CPC 6128. I am also interested in the Imperium Solo.
    Can you send me the details?

    Thanks in advance

  21. Hello Duke!

    I would also like to buy an M4 board for CPC 6128. Please let me know when you could make more!


  22. Hi Duke,
    I’m really interested in your M4 board and I would like to buy it. Please, tell me how to proceed.

    Thanks a lot

  23. I am very interested in an M4 board for my 464 and 6128, I am from Spain. Could you give me payment information …. Thank you!

  24. Hi again Duke,
    I would like to order Your latest M4 board (with NMI triggering switch) for my brother’s CPC6128 computer.
    Standard version (he has Mother x4 adapter).
    Shipping to Poland, PayPal payment.
    Send me all details, please.
    Thank You! 🙂

  25. Hello Duke

    Been meaning to inquire about an M4 board for some time, would like some details on how to purchase your latest revision. I have 3 464’s, 1 doesn’t have a mod, so it’s time I think. Look forward to hearing from you

  26. Hi there 🙂

    could you please respond w/ info how to buy one of those M4

    Thx soooo much 🙂

  27. Hello,
    Same here, CPC fan 🙂 interested to place an order for a M4 board.
    Please tell me how to do.
    Thank You

  28. Interested in an M4 for a CPC 464. I am in the US. Can you let me know how to purchase one? Thanks!

    1. Email sent.
      If you did not receive it, check junk/spam folder or email me directly at duke (a) spinpoint.org

  29. Hello Duke
    I’m interested to buy one for my cpc 464.
    Please when you hace time please Contact me
    I love my cpc 464 I’m from Spain 50 trata Ole and my first computer was a cpc 464 I love It. But I Discovered tour M4 board just now. WoW play cpc 464 games again you’re the best.
    Please Contact me I want one M4
    Thank you

  30. Hi, duke! I´m interesting in M4 board for my 464 Plus. Can you tell me how i buy it? I´m from Spain. Thanks!

  31. Hello Duke
    I’m interested to buy one for my Amstrad, i would like to use it in both cpc and plus if possible, i´m from spain, thanks.

  32. Hi Duke,
    I would very much like to order an M4 board for the Amstrad CPC.

    Kind regards from Sweden.

  33. Hi mate, the usual question…..would like to purchase an M4 board for my CPC464 if they’re still in production? 😉🤞

  34. I am interested in an m4 for a CPC 6128. Can you let me know how to purchase one, price, payment information, etc? I´m from Spain.

    Thank you

  35. Hi Duke
    Just discovered your project! I’d love to obtain an m4 board for my CPC464. Can you send me details on how I can get one and any connections that I need for it.

  36. Hello Duke, very interested in an m4 for the 6128plus. Could you please advise availability and cost + shipping to the UK.

    Many thanks.

  37. Hi Duke,

    I’m interested in a M4 for a CP 464.
    Can you send me availability, cost and shipping cost to Spain?

    Thanks in advance

  38. Hi, I’m interested in a M4 for a CPC6128.
    Can you send me availability, cost and shipping cost to Spain?
    Best regards.

    1. Hello duke im trying to contact with you about 2years the m4 is perferct can you give some info how to buy one for the classic cpc 6128…thanks

  39. Hi Duke
    Can you send me over the info on how to get a M4 please
    Cheers and keep up the great work 🙂

  40. Hiya,

    Just been given a 464 that needs a bit of TLC so thought I’d upgrade the filesystem while Im at it. M4 Board seems to be the one to have so I am also requesting price and availability for a UK 464.


  41. Please Duke,

    I need access to read and write to the data and address buss of the amstrad cpc. What signals I need check and set to that?


    1. Do you want to access with a logic analyser (hardware) , then you need A15-A0 (addr bus), D7-D0 (data bus), RD (read), WR (write) ? or something else?
      Is it memory (mreq) or I/O (iorq) ?

  42. Hi Duke,

    You made a great job on your M4 Board. I just bought an old CPC … my first CPC was out some years ago … and I would like renew with this wonderful computer and I discover your board.

    I would like to know if it’s possible to get one M4 Board , and how to get it ?


  43. Hi Duke,

    I am very interested in your M4 rd for my CPC 464. If you could send me details on how I can get one it would be fantastic. Thanks in advance 🙂

  44. Can’t find a link to the shop, could you please send me more info about an M4 for my 6128 plus?
    I’m new to Amstrad and it’s expansions and devices to load digital content from flash memories, so feel free to suggest alternatives/add-ons you could also provide.

  45. Hi Duke

    I’m interested in getting an M4 board – could you let me know the details for ordering one?


      1. Hi Duke
        I’d like an M4 or maybe an M7 if you have any finalised version.
        Model is CPC6128, and I have an MX4 backplane. currently with Additional ROM boards and a Memory expansion.
        P.S plus shipping to UK..:)

        All the Best

        1. M7 board is not in active development currently.

          Email sent.
          The same to the others I left unanswered. If anyone did not receive, check your SPAM/JUNK folder or make another message here.

  46. Hi, Duke I would like to buy a M4 for my CPC464 Plus. Please send me the details on how to order one.


  47. Hi, Duke I would like to buy a M4 for my CPC464 & 6128. Please send me the details on how to order one. I would prefer the version with the IDE interface please.

  48. Hello Duke, i am interested in two M4 boards for CPC6128 , one imperium solo for the CPC464 and one imperium solo for CPC6128. Can you give me some infos/ prices about it (shipping to germany)?


  49. Hi Duke! I would be very interested in your M4 board. I am a new 464 user. Can you send me an email since I have a few questions? Thanks!

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