M4 Board – Guides/Setup/Help!

As have been drawn to my attention, many M4 board owners are asking for easier documentation than my crude instructions here.

Fortunately several great people have created helpful guides, reviews and documentation already. A huge THANK YOU guys!

First a series of excellent articles in Spanish from AUAmstrad website/group:

In Greek by Vincent GR:

Review by Chinnyvision in English:

In English from Jungsis corner:

Review and early setup by Am Strad in English:

And a guide in Spanish by Professor Retroman, that I linked to before:

Also Mr. DVG over at the cpcwiki forums compiled a collection of 1300 games tested and working with M4 board!

If I forgot or missed a useful resource, please do not hesitate to make a comment, so I can add it to this post.

Thanks again, all of you for your dedication, hard work and support!

7 thoughts on “M4 Board – Guides/Setup/Help!”

  1. Hi Duke,
    Thank you for making this wonder my deepest admiration!
    I would like to order one for my CPC6128 plus if possible, could you please tell me how?

  2. Hi Duke.
    I’m insteresting with the latest version of M4 for my Amstrad CPC 6128 (not “plus” !) with a Centronic connector.
    Can you contact me please ?

  3. Hi Duke

    I would like to know how to order one M4 board for an Amstrad CPC-6128 computer.

    Best regards

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