Imperium Solo

Imperium Solo

What is it?

Imperium Solo is a board used to add USB game controllers and Mouse via the Joystick (DB9) port to old retro computers.
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Imperium Solo - Amstrad
Imperium Solo - C64

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Connect the Y splitter cable to the 5V of the Amstrad CPC, to the 5V power supply and to the Imperium Solo adapter.
DO NOT CONNECT TO 12V! It will damage your CPC and/or the Imperium Solo. TAKE CARE!

Just plug into the desired joystick port. Notice do not connect/disconnect Imperium Solo from the joystick port while the C64 is on.


To upgrade Imperium Solo adapter, please download latest firmware below.
Extract the file IMPERSOL.BIN from the .zip archieve to the root directory of a FAT32 USB stick.
Make sure Imperium Solo is turned off.
Insert the USB stick and power on the Imperium Solo.
Wait some seconds until the Imperium Solo LED starts flashing.
Now it is upgraded and you can remove the USB stick.

Firmware download

Imperium Solo - Amstrad firmware v1.0.7
Imperium Solo - Commodore 64 firmware v1.0.7

Imperium Solo - Amstrad firmware v1.0.6
Imperium Solo - Commodore 64 firmware v1.0.6

Imperium Solo - Amstrad firmware v1.0.5

Imperium Solo - Amstrad firmware v1.0.4

A big thanks to Roxe for comprehensive testing and reporting.

Imperium Solo - Amstrad firmware v1.0.3

Imperium Solo - Amstrad firmware v1.0.2

Imperium Solo - Amstrad firmware v1.0.1

  • Fix for Microsoft mouses.

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