Imperium Solo – Amiga & Atari ST

Finally got around to writing the firmware changes needed to support Amiga and Atari ST via the Imperium Solo USB adapter.

Here’s a video of Amiga version:

Atari ST video:

When I release the firmware updates, you can re-program the existing Imperium Solo C64 hardware with them, but not the Imperium Solo Amstrad CPC, as there is jumper settings via 0 ohm smd resisters that needs to be changed to be used on other hardware than the Amstrad CPC.

Notice that I made a seperate site for Imperium Solo, here:

Where you can see the database of tested Game controllers and mice, along with their button mapping.

9 thoughts on “Imperium Solo – Amiga & Atari ST”

    1. Yes, it is possible as I build them on demand.
      There is a leadtime from order confirmation of about 4-5 weeks.
      Will email you shortly with details.

  1. I would like to buy 2 pcs of amiga version. Is it available? If so please send email with price (including shipping to Hungary) and payment instructions. Thanks.

  2. Hi,

    Lovely work here Duke! 😀

    I’m in Scotland(UK). Could you please send me a quote for 2 units + postage for my beloved A500 please?

    Many thanks,


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