T962A – Reflow oven upgrade!

Thanks to the hard work of the guys over at UnifiedEngineering there is now an improved opensource firmware available for the T962A reflow oven.
The hack was also featured on hackaday last year.
Finally upgraded mine, soldering in the DS18B20 temperature sensor and routing out the ICSP connector, so the firmware can be reflashed via a serial connection. I used the widely available FT232 and Flash Magic software.
Still need to replace the masking tape and perhaps add the fan control too.
Update: Replaced the masking tape with kapton heat resisting tape.
Cool stuff indeed -:)
T962A_1 T962A_2 T962A_3 T962A_4 T962A_5kapton_tape

Cortex M4 board

Having a few spare ST32F407 chips collecting dust, I decided to make a neat little board for it. Featuring USB, JTAG, microSD, 32Mbit spiflash, WiFi,  18 GPIOS with 3.3V / 5V bi-directional level translation for a special purpose 🙂
Cortex-M4 is a great ARM MCU running at 168MHz, 192KB ram and 1MB flashrom. The one in use is a ST32F407VGT in a TQFP100 package, all GPIO’s are routed, no components backside. Board size 76×66 mm.

Still waiting for my USB3.0 FPGA boards to arrive.

USB 3.0 FPGA board

Done the pcb, just need to fix up the silkscreen and re-check everything before sending it to a fab house. Now sent to pcb manufacturer.
The board features the FT601Q Super speed (QFN76, 9x9mm!) connected to an Xilinx Spartan 6SLX9TQG144 FPGA.
All routed in 2 layers – yeah I know it’s not pretty, I am just happy if it works…



Just made an Eagle library for the USB3.0 fifo chip FT601Q, that I am planning to use for a board. More info about the SuperSpeed USB3.0 chip over at  FTDI chips.

Attached the Eagle lbr here in case anyone wants to save some time.
Notice it’s untested as of now.



ft601q_1 ft601q_2